This is the WORST COMPANY!!! I have ever dealt with.

Ashley Furniture has them as one of the creditors you can apply with to purchase furniture. BIG MISTAKE!!! "Acceptance Now" is the name of the company. They call the & harass you the day before your payment is due letting you know you have a payment due "REALLY".

Then it's never disclosed to you that it's a Line Of Credit you are applying for and at a totally larger amount then what you applied for. Which shows on your credit report making it look as if you owe this huge amount of money & not the amount you are actually paying for.

I would will make sure to let anyone & every person I know not to ever even think to use this company. You would think with all the complaints they would get there *** together & stop screwing consumers!!!!

Reason of review: This is not a credit worthy company & will not refer to anyone & will NEVER do business with them again!.

Acceptance Now Cons: Harrassment, Customer service.

Location: Austin, Texas

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I TOTALLY agree! I didn't even know they were just a rent-center outfit.

The Ashley Furniture salesman who walked me over to Acceptance didn't explain what kind of !!!!! it was. Because it reads as a lending institution, I thought it was just that - LOANS. I was told it was an in-house lending co.

I thought I was BUYING my bedroom set, not just renting it. I even stated in my will that it was to be given to my daughter. Yeah, right!! I was paying $2,600 for it and, after finding out what they really were, I called and was told that if I wanted to pay it off, I would have to pay $7,500.

WHAAAT??! I had already been paying $252/mo. for the past 14 months!

What kind of *** am I! There has to be some kind of law to pursue.



Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We would definitely like to speak with you about your concerns.

Would you mind giving our Customer Care team a call at 1-800-422-8186, when you get the chance? Thanks!

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