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Be very aware of the terms of this financial scam! The Sales Associates are incredibly misleading when pitching you for approval of these contracts!

The "90 Days Same as Cash" option, already includes a 15% interest hike on the original price of the items.

Say for example, the item you're purchasing is retailing for $1000.00 - you're going to be responsible for paying that amount plus $150 for interest and at least another $100 in taxes and fees- off the bat, for just the "90 Day Purchase Option".

In addition to that Purchase price, you are also responsible for the monthly leasing payment REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOUVE ALREADY PAYED OFF THE "SAME AS CASH" PURCHASE PRICE

So at that point, you've already spent $1300 on the Item you "purchased", and now you are LOCKED into an 18 Month Contractual obligation, to pay an additional $200 or more every month.

When all is said and done within the terms of this payment, you will have payed $3600 for the contract payments, in addition to the $1300 or more you spent to purchase the item within the 90 Days; that's still not including whatever outrageous monthly fees and taxes they decide to heap onto to your monthly payments.

That's well over $5000 for an Item that should've only cost you $1000, at Original Retail.

I was told that it would be a 15% mark up on the original retail price and that as long as I had payed that amount in full within the 90 Days, it would be considered same as cash.

The Sales Associates did not inform me that I would be locked into the contract and monthly payments regardless of how quickly I payed the "90 Day Cash Price" of the Item. They did not specify or inform me that I would be required to pay the $200 monthly fee in addition to that "90 Day Same as Cash" price.

As a matter of fact, they completely brushed over all questions that I had and withheld receipts and important documents regarding the terms of service that I was to be locked into.

I am extremely lucky and blessed, that I contacted them the very next day in an attempt to clarify the terms and aqquire the missing documents. Because of this I was able to cancel my order right away, and have only been scammed out of my $60 Down Payment(which I will be reporting to my bank as well as the Better Business Bureau)

Please protect your income and your future, and avoid working with these people at all costs! There are always other options, and God will always provide you with what you REALLY need!

At the very least, please be aware of what you or a loved one will be entering into through this Lending Corporation, and others like it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Appliance Leasing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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That's not completely accurate. The 90 day options vary from retailer to retailer.


They got me it’s a darn sham for sure

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