I purchased a living room set from Bob's Furniture through Acceptance Now. It has been a problem since the beginning - wrong prices - wrong payment amounts - charged sales tax on Damage Waiver and Membership for Medical Discounts (both I waived and are not taxable in NYS).

I had to fight with legal to change my due dates due to one piece of furniture not being delivered because it was damaged. I even had to dispute my credit card charges to get resolution.

Now, my final payment is due 3/15 - however I'm told one amount by Acceptance Now at Bob's - the Schedule has another amount -

and finally, the amount listed on the bottom of my receipt for my 60 day payment states a lower price. Of which, this is the amount that by law they must abide by.

I sent an email today stating that my final payment should be $1,805.55 plus sales tax totalling $1,961.28. However, when I contacted the local AcceptanceNow at the store I was told my final payment is $2,154.91 including sales tax. That's $193.63 more than my last receipt states.

Now I keep getting emails from different people in legal at AcceptanceNow (RAC) in Texas that are on vacation. How convenient.

If this does not get corrected by the time I pay tomorrow, I will contact News 12 and will have them at the store.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Farmingdale, New York

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They honored the amount on my receipt.

In paid it b off in 90 days.


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We'd really like to speak with you further and see if we can clear up any confusion surrounding your payments.

Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186 as soon as you get the chance. Thank you.


Huh, thats bs, there customer service would not even talk to me they had to go to third party conversation thru one of there telemarketers. This is low class and very unprofessional about there ways of business and there is absolutely no support or any honor towards there policies what so ever. Dony worry about contacting news because i aalredy have.

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