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Went to rooms to go in Mid Feb to purchase a sofa and chair (cash). I ended up paying cash for the sofa and financed the chair through RAC finance on 90 days same as cash because I thought this was a perfect chance to have some on time positive payments on my credit. I wanted to simply pay it off the very next month. However the rep suggested that I make all 3 payments each month because they do not report to the bureaus until that 2nd payment is made.

From there, the rep asked me if I wanted my payments set for the 30th (first payment due on Feb 28) or set them up for the 15th (first payment due on March 15). I said 30th. When I received the paperwork, my payments were set up for the 15th. I asked why and the rep said, “oh I went ahead and set them up for the 15th that way, you will have more time to make your first payment.” I made a payment in March, April and May. Called Acceptance Now today and was just told that I am not paid in full because my 90 days was up on May 9….

According to the person on the phone…. She is the manager, she will not Retro, she will not let me speak to her manager and she will not give me the corp phone number. I’m a tad bit upset and taken advantage of right now because I feel like the rep completely got over on me. If she knew that I want 90 days same as cash and I kept stressing that, why would she set my payments up in a way that I will have to pay back interest. I also think that it was extra foul for her to insist that I set them up that way. Maybe she will get to pocket the back interest or perhaps she doesn’t earn credit with no interest accounts… IDK, but it is quite shady.

You would think that they would have the customer’s best interest at heart and treat them right. That’s the best way to get a repeat customer. I mean, had I been the rep, I’d say, “well mam in order for you to get the 90 days same as cash, you should not use the 15th because your 90 is up on May 9”

I thought the 90 days same as cash was a great deal and I was prepared to purchase a mattress and dresser for my three year old through them after the chair was paid for. Looks like using them is a bad idea and I should stay away.

I’m currently awaiting a call back from a district Manager. Hopefully they understand my frustration and help. I really wish my whole contract process would have been recorded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Retro.

Acceptance Now Pros: Rooms to go salesman.

Acceptance Now Cons: Mislead, Payment arrangements, Due dates.

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I am not understanding a lot of these negative comments. READ YOUR CONTRACTS PEOPLE!

I recently did business with Acceptance Now through Bob’s Discount Furniture. My contract clearly breaks down my total ($2395 for a bedroom set, dining room set, a mattress, and some memory foam pillows) as well as the interest I would pay ($2600 and some change) if I don’t pay off my balance in 120 days. They also told me the date I had to pay off the balance before the interest charges would be added. The agreement included an early pay off breakdown that showed the cost of ownership after the 120 days same as cash option.

Yes, the rate of interest is ridiculous (it’s a little over 18%). Yes, it is an expensive form of borrowing if you do not pay it off within the 120 day period. However the contract explains all of this. It also tells me how to calculate what I’d owe to pay it off in the 120 days, that I have to do it BEFORE my due date, and the date the 120 day offer expires.

The contract states that i don’t have to join the club and am allowed to request that my membership be voided. It also says how much of my monthly payments is allotted for my rental balance, and how much of it goes towards other fees and taxes. The sum total of your monthly payments are NOT applicable to your rent even during the initial 120 day period. That’s a gross misconception that people make on their own.

Now the only reason I did this was because I needed furniture for my apartment and because I knew that I would be able to take advantage of the 120 day offer. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it as it is an extremely expensive form of borrowing.

Many of these complaints (aside from some legitimate complaints about final payments not registering) could be avoided if people read. Stop listening to what the sales reps tell you and read your contracts for yourself.


They did me the same way ... I purchased a living room sectional .For 1200.00 I was told I can set up a date for my payment I chose July 19 ...

no auto draft and I came in under a promotion no payment until August. Well I received an email on July 12 tell me they was going to auto draft my account . I called a asked they why my paperwork says July 19 is my first due date . And why was it auto draft .

They lied to me and told me I set it up. I was never able to log in to my account. Then I was told my payments was 197.00 only to later find out only 150.00 went toward membership fees and other insurance that I did not need . I asked to cancel it, and it was never cancel, the store told me corporate has to cancel and corporate told me the store was responsible.

So I was shocked when I did my calculations and found out I owed much more than I expected in 90 days . I tried to pay more and was told I couldn't.

I called to pay the remainder off by the 90 day mark and was told I had to come in. What a shady business.


I am on phone trying to stop a delivery I cancelled 3 days ago! Shady indeed!


Scam scam scam. Such *** bags.

90 days my *** Straight scam. They signed me up for dental discounts also and a bunch of other *** Acceptance sucks donkey ***


Try 1-800-275-2696 rac hone office


I agree same thing happened to me. I purchased from them in the past and paid off my furniture within 90 days.

This time I bought a bed advertised for 2300. I wasn’t able to pay off the 2300 in the 3 months due to other issues that cam up and now I’m stuck with paying them 5000 for a bed that’s not worth 5000! It’s a nice set but I’ve bout furniture for years and have never paid 5000 regardless of the own in 90 days or not! It’s like the my advertise something and if you can’t pay in 90 days you have to pay additional money for what reason.

I am actually going to speak with them because I have paid 2400 so far but still have 2700 left to pay! Not cool at all!!


The longer you go the longer the money used to pay your items off by rac is out of there pocket thats not 90 days thats why longer you go more you'll pay .... same with any transaction where you are using someone else's money and dont follow term(s) set. Its called “90 days” not 90 days or more same as cash


Reeeaaddddd the contract people... My fiancé is trying to build his credit and we just moved so duh, applying was a no brainer...

We went to Bob’s and got living room/bedroom furniture... Was kinda pissed that delivery HAD to be added onto the sale, but that’s besides the point... While the guy that kept asking “am I talking too fast” was giving the spiel I was combing over the fine details of the loan... It CLEARLY spells out that the 90 day option had ADDITIONAL FEES...

I believe it was 10% of the purchase price, but I'm not 1000% sure. But it does make sense when you REALLY think about it right?? A credit card that holds a balance for 90 will still accrue interest until it's paid in full, will it not?? Acceptance Now is CREDIT...


People in retail will say whatever you need hear to get you to buy, so that they reach their sales/credit/warranty goal for the day. Believe me, I know I was an assistant manager of a well know jewelry chain for years lol


Damn, You sure you don't work for them?


"You must work for them" "Things happen in life" "They won't work with me" "Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth." Typical serial dead beats and/or people who don't read what they signed love to use these retorts when comment doesn't match their lame narrative. The above advice is spot on.

READ the contract and be prepared to execute it. If it says pay in 90 days, PAY IN 90 days or be ready for a huge balance.


How true ... there business is based on a model one price ( fee) for 90 days & another if longer .


That’s good to know and thanks because I’m trying to figure out why my account went from 2300 to 5000!! But that’s a lot of interest etc.

I’ve bought so much and haven’t paid off in 90 days but never came to twice as much! I have come to the conclusion I will not buy from them again!


Well If you’re so damn smart why did y’all go to Bob’s furniture and buy on credit!???? Thanks so much for the info Captain Obvious!!!


Exactly! I just posted a comment about the same thing. People don’t read and then complain when they get caught up.


Your dead wrong my wife is trying fix her Credit she was about to purchase a 2500.00 bed at Bob's so she got the lease it's not credit it's a lease. I ask about paying it off within 90 days and the payoff amount was 4400.00 I said to the service rep even if I pay the entire thing off before 90 days she said there are fees that take it to 4400 payoff told her sorry I will cancel out and left.

It's a scam and they should be shut down they dont explain it and the contract is shady anybody like anonymous who defend this probably are paid professional bloggers. If you want to rebud your credit get a secured credit card charge somthing pay it off right away.

This company are taking advantage of people who made a mistake or are down on there luck. You are renting this furniture to own THIS IS NOT CREDIT.

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Oh I purchased a mattress set for my son and a dresser n nightstand and was wanting to do the 90 days same as cash. I put 100 down in April paid 500 in may and was gonna pay it off in July for them to tell me the pay off was way way more than it should have been.

Oh we are sorry but your 90 days were up on July 10th. So instead of my payments going towards it to be paid off it went towards the rental fees and that stupid benefits plus *** they say you have to pay. Which I think is so wrong. So now I still owe to pay it off over a thousand damn dollars which in fact it should be way less now but according to them 45% of my payments go to the rental damn part.

30% goes towards my pay off so where does the other 25% go.

Not only did I pay 500 in may but she broke it down into 2 monthly payments and said oh that's how its gotta be cause it's a little month to month payment. So yeah I'm not happy and I feel they are scamming people.


I'm paying 250 a month they taking a 100$ to there self been paying for furniture for 2 years now smh..


Yes... they are scam...

I have fallen into their scam as well like you.. Iam paying TRIPLE the amount of what we’ve purchased..The furniture we got was around $2,700 and guess what?

we will be ended up paying, $6,000. And like the other people say here, they never really explained to you the WHOLE entail of it about the lease and how much you’ll be in debt if it falls on the lease agreement.


Call the home office.

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