I don't need to tell what happened because its the same as everyone else's story is. I signed the contract but am having problems with the repo man even though unpaid for my furniture in full!

Just put of curiosity...what would happen if the repo man came and he did not find any furniture? Please any response would be helpful. Oh and the company is telling me that the furniture was "rented" this was it made clear to me at all.

What would happen if I no longer had the furniture? Any information wold be helpful thank you all.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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I don't care what"s in the contract its still a rep off.They call if you late for one payment call,call,call.I don"t like this program at all. :x


RAC has it clearly stated in there contract that if at any time the customers account goes into default they have the right to reposes the furniture. RAC managers and collections team will do what it takes to help to ensure that your items are not repossessed.

If you as the customer fail to answer the phone when the collections team calls or if you fail to open the door and allow them to collect the furniture they have no choice but to file theft charges. In America it is illegal to take merchandise with out paying for it. I understand that your are frustrated with the employees for not telling you about the interest or what have you but instead of calling the employees idiots or whatever names irate customers call them you as a consumer should always read the contract before sighing it.

You are a customer and "customers are always right" and if you want to read the contract and take it home to have your husband or wife look at it you can do that. Once you sign you are in a binding agreement.

_that girl_


Hi – I work at RAC and I thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know that our Customer Care would really like to speak to you further about this and try to make this right.

Please give them a call at 1-800-422-8186 to chat some more about this. Thanks!


You stated that your furniture is unpaid, that could be why the repo man is after you. The rent to own places are notorious for coming to your door if the payments are as little as one day late.

Also when you patronize these places, the furniture is rented until completely paid for. You should have been able to figure that out from the name of the place. If the furniture isn't paid for and they come to pick it up and it isn't there you could find yourself in major trouble. If you have actual proof that it is completely paid for go to the manager and discuss the matter with him.

Another thing the rent to own places don't have actual repo men. When they come to your door to collect a payment, it is usually one or two of their employees, one of which is usually the manager, and they come in the same truck that they use to deliver the furniture.

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